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We pride ourselves on having real-world impact beyond producing intellectual capital in the form of publications. Here are some outlets where our impact is readily apparent (other times our impact is more stealthy).

Elements of Space Policy Directive - 5 called "Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems" reflects Falco's research "Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems"
NISTR 8270
Abstract from NISTIR 8270, click the image to direct to the website

The In-space Servicing Assembly and Manufacturing (ISAM) Interagency Working Group coordinates science and technology policy, strategy, and federal research and development (R&D) pertaining to ISAM-related capabilities under the auspices of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). This coordinated effort aims to ensure that U.S. leadership in servicing, assembly, manufacturing capabilities in space and their applications is maintained and expanded for future use.

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